Somalia: al-Shabab warns Mogadishu Residents to stay away from Government Centers

Published: February 28, 2014

Somali Militant group has warned Mogadishu local residents to stay away from Government Centers, ahead of planned fresh attacks the group is preparing to carry.

An Official of the al-Qaeda-linked group declared that they are planning to target government buildings and senior officials in the Capital.

‘’ All Mogadishu residents should bear in mind to keep away from Government centers, so that they won’t be harmed during attacks against our enemy,’’ said the al-Shabab’s head of Benadir region, Ali Mohamed Hussein.

His message was broadcasted through a radio station run by the Islamist group. It’s the second time it has warned residents to avoid  Government centers.

On Thursday, a car bomb exploded a restaurant close to the National Intelligence headquarter killing at least 12 people including Government Soldiers.

But the al-Shabab official claimed they had killed 10 top officials of the Intelligence agency in the blast, but the Security officials have denied.

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