Somalia: AMISOM admits soldier killed unarmed teenage footballer

Published: September 28, 2015

archive photo
archive photo

The African Union mission in Somalia (AMISOM) has admitted that one of its soldiers killed a teenage boy who was playing football in an open ground close to the Mogadishu stadium.
The incident took place on Sunday evening in the Somali capital as a group of boys were playing a friendly football match, witnesses said.
A short statement posted on its twitter account on Monday, the mission said that it is investigation the killing of the 14-year old boy.
‘’AMISOM thanks the family of the boy who was shot by a soldier at the Stadium in Mogadishu last evening, for reporting the matter to Casualty Tracking,Analysis & Response Cell (CCTARC).
‘’AMISOM will investigate this incident and will take disciplinary and corrective action where appropriate,’’ read the post.
Killing of unarmed civilians by the AU troops has increased sharply over the past few years causing despair, frustration and palpable outrage.
However, many Somalis have also raised questions on the Federal government’s unexplained silence on AMISOM’s continued abuses towards the civilians. Some have interpreted as an indication that the government doesn’t bother about the civilian casualties.
Deployed to Somalia in 2007, Amisom has helped push back Al-Shabaab militants across much of the country’s south, retaking towns and territory the group had held for years.
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