SOMALIA: AMISOM Deputy Head Visits Injured Soldiers (Photos)

Published: June 6, 2011

Mogadishu: Following a week of intense operations in Mogadishu, the Deputy Special Representative for the African Union Mission in Somalia, Hon. Wafula Wamunyinyi, visited injured AMISOM troops in hospital in Mogadishu and praised their exceptional courage and dedication. 

AMISOM have supported the TFG forces in operations to take control of two further districts in Mogadishu, Bondere and Hodan, and the AMISOM hospital is treating and evacuating a number of injured soldiers.
Hon. Wafula Wamunyinyi said:  “The progress of the combined TFG and AMISOM force is very impressive.  They are working together very effectively now and taking ground from the extremists every day.
“I am full of admiration and praise for the courage and dedication of our soldiers.  It is sadly inevitable that some will be injured in these security operations, but we have very good medical facilities and committed doctors and nurses who work tirelessly to treat and recover our soldiers.  We are very proud of the work they are all doing and we pray that our injured soldiers will have a quick recovery.
“Since bringing the civilian headquarters element to Mogadishu last month, we are very impressed with the progress that is being made.  With greater security developing in the city, we can start to deploy more assistance and support to both the Transitional Federal Institutions and the civilian population, especially on the humanitarian front.  We are looking at the development of a number of projects which we will announce presently.  AMISOM urges the international community to start to look again at the support they can offer.”
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