SOMALIA: AMISOM forces foil a vehicle-born suicide attack on its new base.

Published: March 5, 2011

Press release
Mogadishu, 5th March, 2011
For immediate release.
AMISOM forces this morning have foiled a suicide vehicle attack against the AMISOM base at the former Ministry of Defense Headquarters, Gashandiga, recently established by the Burundi Contingent. The sentries manning the base identified and destroyed an insurgent vehicle that was fast approaching the base from the Industrial Road in the northwest of the city.
“Our forces destroyed the jeep flying a black flag towards the gate before it reached its target, killing all suicide bombers inside. A simultaneous attack with small and medium weapons on the base was also repulsed with serious causalities on the extremists, one of our soldiers sustained minor injuries and is currently receiving medical attention,” Brig Gen Maurice Gatereste, the Burundi Contingent Commander said. “It is an act born out of frustration and desperate desire to recapture Gashandiga but we will not allow them to have it back and use it to mete out their reign of terror to the population”, he added.
The attack comes during a period that has seen TFG forces, with the support of the AMISOM troops, successfully advance on a number of fronts in an operation designed to push extremist insurgents further away from the populated areas of Mogadishu.
The former Milk Factory and the extremists’ logistical and operational base at Gashandiga were among the most important and strategic positions that were captured from the extremists in the last three weeks.
Barigye Ba-Hoku
AMISOM Force Spokesman

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