SOMALIA: AMISOM Statement on Security operations in Mogadishu

Published: May 12, 2011

AMISOM troops yesterday launched an operation in support ofTransitional Federal Government Forces with the objective of furtherexpanding the area of responsibility and denying the extremistinsurgents the ability to threaten the population in Hodan and Hawlwadag districts. It will also give the government more room toprovide public services to the region.
So far, the operation has resulted in the death of Burhan Ali“Ayatuulah,” who was the extremists’ overall commander in Hawlwadagregion. 
Several extremist fighters have also been killed. On our part we lost two soldiers and three others sustained injuries.I commend the brave officers and men, both in the Somali National Armyand in AMISOM, who are right now risking their lives to secure thepeople of Mogadishu.
I appeal to the public for their understanding and urge them tominimize unnecessary movements within the Bakara market area to avoidbeing caught up in crossfire. I also request them to pass on anyrelevant information of a security nature they may have to the nearestsecurity personnel.
I look forward to the day when the whole of Somalia will be peacefuland such operations will no longer be necessary. 
Maj Gen: Nathan Mugisha
Force Commander – AMISOM MOGADISHU

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