SOMALIA: AU Forces in Mogadishu Foil Al Shabaab Suicide Attack

Published: May 30, 2011

AMISOM forces have today foiled a suicide attack by Al Shabaab insurgents. At approximately 1645 hrs, several Al Shabaab fighters disguised as Somali government soldiers attacked the AMISOM position at Shakala guarded by both AU and Ahlu Sunna Waljamaa forces, on the busy Makka Mukarama road.
The insurgents drove up in a white saloon car and engaged AMISOM troops there in a firefight. However, they were unable to gain entry into the position. Three of them were killed, including one would-be suicide attacker who ran away towards Hamar Weyne district, according to AMISOM.
During the attack, AMISOM lost 2 soldiers and one was injured. 3 others, and one AWSJ fighter, were injured when the body of one of the suicide attackers exploded.
AMISOM Chief of Staff, Col. Innocent Oula, paid tribute to the courage and sacrifice of the AMISOM troops. “But for their brave and speedy action, many more lives, including those of innocent civilians, would have been lost,” he said.
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