Somalia: Baargaal district police kill one pirate

Published: May 9, 2010

A Puntland Police unit in Bargaal town of Puntland has clashed with a group of pirates who were attempting re-establish a base in the district. One of the pirates was shot dead, according Mohamed Adam Ali, the Baargaal district police superintendent. “We saw a group of pirates in a boat trying to get ashore. They began to fire at us, and we responded in kind. One of the pirates had died and the rest had had to flee in the boat.”
Mr Ali said that his police unit doesn’t have boats to protect the town against pirate attacks. The unit is made up of twenty men.” I acknowledge the support the local people gave us to fight the pirates,” Mr Ali said.
Baargaal is one of Puntland districts on the Indian Ocean, a historic town. It is not the first time the locals and the police unit cooperated on fighting pirates who think the district is ideal for a pirate base. Many people wonder why the Puntland administration has failed to equip the local police force with the right equipment to double as coast guard.
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