Somalia: Car Bomb in Mogadishu Hotel leaves at least two People Injured

Published: March 15, 2014

A Car loaded with explosive materials struck a popular hotel in the Somali Capital, Mogadishu on Saturday, Police and Witnesses Confirm.

The Car exploded in the rear gate of Hotel Makka Al-Mukarama which is so close to the KM-4 Conjunction, leaving at least two people injured.

Witnesses told Horseed Media at the moment of the blast there was a meeting going on in the hotel attended by senior government Officials, but were unhurt.

Meanwhile, Security officers told reporters that the suicide bomber accidentally detonated the explosives and died at the scene.

No group has yet to claim this bomb attack, but extremist group al-Shabab is famous for carrying out such attacks.

This latest blast comes days after al-Shabab has been pushed out from at least six strategic towns in Southern and Central Somalia by the African Union troops and Somali government Soldiers.

New Mogadishu Governor promised earlier that he will focus on improving the security of the capital which worsened in the past month.

Horseed Media

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