Somalia: ‘No Charcoal is exported from Kismayo by al-Shabaab’

Published: October 18, 2014
Kismayo port/ Getty images
Kismayo port/ Getty images

The local Interim administration of Jubba has dismissed a report from UN experts claiming that al-Shabaab still exports charcoal from the port of Kismayo, despite not controlling the town.

The Security Council banned the export of charcoal from Somalia in February 2012 to cut off one of the main sources of income for al Shabaab militants.

In a latest report, the UN monitoring group claimed that al-Shabab has netted a sum of $250 million exporting charcoal from Kismayo port between 2013-14 by using local traders as a link.

Kismayo Seaport manager, Abdullahi Dubad Shiil, denied the report saying that it had not been ‘’properly researched’’.

‘’ No Charcoal has been exported from the port since the ban was imposed in 2012’’

‘’ The management of the port together joint with troops supervise the daily activities and make sure no charcoal is exported,’’ said the manager.

AU forces and local administration of Jubba have been accused of sharing the profits of the Charcoal export to the gulf countries with the militant group.

Al-Shabaab lost the control of Kismayo in 2012 to the Kenya Defence forces who are now under the African Union Operation.

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