Somalia condemns Brussels attacks; offers support to eradicate extremism

Published: March 22, 2016

Somalia condemns Brussels attacks; offers support to eradicate extremismSomalia’s Federal government President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has condemned Tuesday’s coordinated attacks in Brussels, Belgium, which reports say, led to the death of more than 30 people, while dozen others were injured.
In a Press statement released from his office, the President expressed shock over the news of the attacks.
Mr Mohamoud also sent his condolences to the families, relatives and friends of the victims of the deadly attacks.
‘’We join the world in condemning the brutal attacks of civilians in Brussels. We grieve with those who have lost loved ones. We pray for the families affected. Our thoughts are with the Belgium government as it seeks to provide support to its people.
According to him, as a country which has borne the terrible human cost of terrorist attacks, Somalia stands in full solidarity with the government and people of Belgium as they mourn those who have lost their lives in the attacks.
“Daesh murdered more than innocent people today. It also killed any illusions that it is intent on doing anything other than wreaking havoc and destruction across the world. We condemn its barbaric acts of terrorism. Somalia stands by to offer any support needed,” the President said.
A wave of terrorist bombings in Brussels on Tuesday rocked the city’s international airport and a subway station, for which the so-called ISIS claimed responsibility.
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