Somalia: Desperate Humanitarian Situation in al-Shabab besieged town

Published: April 14, 2014

hudur xudurSomali militant group al-Shabab has blockaded a strategically important district in the country’s Southwestern, preventing food and medical aid from entering.

Local Residents of Hudur town, capital of Bakool region  have said that they are experiencing severe food shortages as a result of the restriction. The blockade has caused the increase of price of food and other basic needs.

Bakool Governor, Mohamed Abdi Tall called for the Somali government and International aid agencies to intervene this situation or ”it will turn to a tragedy’’.

“The humanitarian situation in Hudur is worsening, People are desperate for food and everything is becoming so expensive,” said the governor.

He added that al-Shabab will be driven out of the areas that they are still controlling part of the region.

Al-Shabab warned businessmen not to supply food and other essential things to the town, otherwise they will be targeted.

Hudur town was captured last month by the Somali government forces and AMISOM troops without any resistance from the Somali militants, but the group claimed to withdraw from the town as a ‘’war tactic’’.

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