Somalia: Elections will hold as scheduled, President tells UN Security Council team

Published: May 19, 2016

Somalia: Elections will hold as scheduled, President tells UN Security Council teamSomalia’s Federal government President on Thursday assured Somalis and international community that the country’s Parliamentary and Presidential elections, fixed for August and September, would hold as scheduled ruling out any postponement possibilities, Horseed Media reports.
Mr Mohamoud’s comments came as a delegation from the United Nations Security Council visited the capital Mogadishu to assess the political, security situation and preparations for the upcoming polls.
‘’We’ve made a significant progress. The victory of the progress will only happen after we come with concession and hold the historical elections.’’
Somali President urged the nation to remain patient and confident as speculations were going around that the current government planned to delay the elections.
He also appealed to the visiting UN Security Council team to support his government on holding the elections financially and technically.
Mohamoud was elected in 2012 following the first peaceful elections held in the country for more than three decades. He announced that he will run for the upcoming polls in a bid for a second term.
Last year, the Federal Parliament and government announced in a joint session that there is no a possibility of holding one-person-one vote elections in the country due to security reasons.
The decision was criticized by the Somali citizens and regional administrations who said that the government failed to implement one of its pillars when it came to office in 2012.
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