SOMALIA: UN envoy calls on the Parliament to exercise the spirit of compromise in their deliberations on the Cabinet

Published: November 22, 2010

The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Somalia, Ambassador Augustine P. Mahiga, today called on the Transitional Federal Parliament to exercise the spirit of compromise and judiciously deliberate on the new Cabinet.
“I trust that the period between the endorsement of the Prime Minister and now has been used productively to come up with a Cabinet that would meet the expectations of the Somali people.
“I am confident that the honourable Members of Parliament will employ the same sense of responsibility and unity which prevailed during the process of confirmation of the Prime Minister,” he said.
“The people of Somalia, as well as the international community, are eagerly awaiting the establishment of a functional Cabinet. With nine months left before the end of the transition period, Somalia needs a government that will prepare a Road Map and carry out the priority tasks of the transition.
“I, therefore, appeal to the Parliamentarians to bring the deliberations on the Cabinet to a conclusion that will advance the peace process. The United Nations and the international community stand ready to assist the new Government as soon as the Cabinet is endorsed,” Ambassador Mahiga said.

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