Somalia: Ethiopian Immigrants seeks asylum in Puntland semi-autonomous Somalia

Published: April 16, 2010

Two Ethiopian Immigrants who were part of 113-immigrants captured by Bosaso Police forces have asked for asylum from the Puntland government,a semi-autonomous region in Somalia.
Mr.Asama Shewateka and Mrs.Karegewen Yohans,who are partners  told a group of Journalists who were attending a police station  that the Puntland Officials showed the Journalists the immigrants that they captured from nearby villages,said that they were mistaken to be immigrants who wanted to cross from the Redsea to Yemen.
Mr.Asama said that they escaped from Ethiopia and came to Somalia inorder to receive a refuge from the authorities especially the Puntland authority, and he added he is too afraid to go back to his own homeland Ethiopia because of his Security.
He also said he had prepared a letter that he wanted to handover the UNHCR branch in Bosaso, that is concerning about an asylum.
Puntland Security minister Gen.Yusuf Ahmed said  that they will inform UNHCR those asylum seekers, whether they can takecare of them or handled over.

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