Somalia: Explosions leave 3 people dead in Galkayo city, North-central Somalia

Published: January 21, 2014

Qarax-GaalkacyoAt least three people have been killed in two explosions that rocked Galkayo Tuesday morning, a town located in North-central Somalia’s Puntland region

Witnesses told Horseed Media that the first explosion was missed with the target which was one of the Police Officers of the region who was at that time on his car, and the second one occurred minutes later when local residents around the area went out to check the results of first blast.

Health Workers in the town confirmed the death of three civilians and at least 7-people wounded who were taken to the medical centers for treatment.

Mayor of Galkayo Ahmed Ali Salad, who spoke to Horseed Media condemned the explosions, urging local residents to work closely with the Police forces to foil such cases in the future.

“They targeted civilians, two boys and young girl died in the second explosion. We will tighten the security, residents should be on alert”, he said.

No-one claimed responsibility for the attack which occurred near a small market.

Galkayo has experienced for the past few years numerous explosions and assassinations, which some of them are thought to be carried out by the Radical Islamist group Al-Shebaab.

The town is divided into two parts, the Northern and Southern axis. The largest part is administered by the Puntland authority and Southern is governed by Gal-mudug Administration.

Puntland local authorities have several times accused Gal-mudug for giving safe havens to assailants who carry out assassinations in the Northern axis, but Gal-mudug has denied.

Ayub Abdirahman
Horseed Media

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