SOMALIA: Federal Parliament to elect new speaker on Friday

Published: May 25, 2010

On Tuesday, the acting speaker of the Somali Federal Parliament Mohamed Adan Wayel has officially announced the date of the election of the new Parliament speaker and his new deputies.
Mohamed Adan told the media, the Parliament will elect the new speaker on Friday 28th of May, adding that the nominations process will end tomorrow (Wednesday 26th). The election of the two deputy speakers of the Parliament will be held on Saturday 29th, says the acting speaker Mohamed Adan.
The election of the new parliament speaker is expected to be heavily contested, the former Minister of Finance and current deputy Prime Minister Sharif Xassan Adan, is one of the candidates as many other MPs including the former deputy speakers.
The parliament will re-convene on Friday 28th, in a recently refurnished the old National Parliament building in Mogadishu. The parliament is expected to meet amid increased insecurity in the capital of Somalia.
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