Somalia: Fistfights break out in Somaliland Parliament

Published: February 9, 2014
Somaliland Parliament
Somaliland Parliament building

A fight broke out in Somaliland’s Parliament on Sunday when MPs opposing Speaker of Parliament Mr Abdirahman Irro and supporters of him clashed, resulting to closure of the session.

The Parliament infighting is believed to have started after a number of MPs submitted two opposing motions concerning on amendment of Parliamentary laws.

Police forces intervened the in-fighting and tried to settle the dispute within the Mps, but the infighting continued until moments later the Speaker announced the closure of today’s session.

There is an ongoing dispute between the Speaker of Parliament and his two deputies who are campaigning  to overthrow him.

It was the second time the Mps had clashed. On Saturday noisy brawl ensued between two sides after an argument on the laws, moments later it was intervened by Council of local elders.

The breakaway region has seen for the last few months a political dispute between the Speaker of Parliament Abdirahman Irro and President Ahmed Silanyo, which has affected the cooperation between the Parliament and Cabinet.

Later on in a Press Conference, Mr Irro accused the Vice President of the region for the Parliament unrest.

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