SOMALIA: Former Al Shabab leader surrenders to Somali government

Published: June 8, 2014

On Saturday, Mohamed Sa’id Atom, the former leader of Al Shabab militia base in the Golis Mountains of Puntland state has surrendered to the Federal Government in Mogadishu.

In press conference Mohamed Sa’id Atom declared that he left the Al Shabab terror group calling the leader of Al Shabab Ahmed Godane a menace to the Somali people.

The former commander called on the young men fighting for the group to abandon the violence and the extreme ideology of Al Shabab, which he says in un-Islamic.

“…If you leave Al Shabab, that does not mean you throw away your religion…”

In his statement Mr.Atom also said that the leader of Al Shabab Ahmed Godane is using foreign ideology.

“…The jihad is compulsory in Islam, Allah almighty says it so in the Holy Koran, but the leader of Al Shabab Ahmed Godane is trying to hijack the true Jihad….” says Atom adding “…Ahmed Godane is unjustly killing innocent people of Somalia and I believe Al Shabab is funded by foreigners…”

During his press conference organized by the Federal government, Atom thanked the government for welcoming him.

Since the end of 2011 Mohamed Sa’id Atom was believed to be based in the south of Somalia, after his militia was defeated in a military campaign by the Puntland forces in the Golis mountains [northeast of Somalia].

In 2012 the militia once again regrouped in the remote mountains in Bari region and Ahmed Godane the leader of Al Shabab named Yassin Kilwe as the new commander of the Al Shabab fighters in the Golis Mountains.

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