Somalia forms new government

Published: January 17, 2014
Somalia forms new government
Somali PM Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed

Somalia’s newly appointed Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, announced his Cabinet of Ministers, after 6 weeks of intense discussions with Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud. The new cabinet which is composed of 25 ministers, 25 deputy ministers and 5 state ministers.

The Prime Minister, said: “I am pleased to announce my Cabinet today after extensive consultations. This Cabinet is representative of all of Somalia, made up of people with the right talents, enthusiasm and dedication to serve the Somali people and take our country forward.

“After a tragic conflict that lasted too long, Somalia has now turned a corner and there is no going back. Somalia now has the opportunity to write a new, positive chapter, in our proud country’s history.

“My Cabinet and I are in no doubt that there are still many complex and difficult challenges ahead. We must continue the fight to eradicate Al-Shabaab from all of Somalia, continue to reform our institutions and public finances, improve and extend public service delivery and continue building a federal Somalia.

“This government will work tirelessly for the people of Somalia, building on the progress made in the last year, to build the new Somalia that we all want to see.” Prime Minister said

Full List of Cabinet Ministers:

  1. Ridwan Hirsi Mohamed – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Religious Affairs
  2. Abdullahi Godah Barre – Minister of Interior and Federalism
  3. Hussein Abdi Halane – Minister of Finance
  4. Mohamed Sheikh Hassan – Minister of Defence
  5. Abdirahman Duale Beyle – Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
  6. Abdikarim Hussein Guled – Minister of National Security
  7. Ahmed Mohamed Gurase – Minister of Education
  8. Yusuf Moalin Amin – Minister of Ports and Marine Transport
  9. Said Abdullahi Mohamed – Minister of Planning
  10. Farah Sh. Abdulkadir Mohamed – Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs
  11. Jama Ahmed Mohamed – Minister of Energy and Water
  12. Mustaf Ali Duhulow – Minister of Information
  13. Said Jama Mohamed – Minister of Air & Land Transport
  14. Lugman Ismail Ali – Minister of Labour and Social Affairs
  15. Mohamud Ibrihim Adan – Minister of Post and Telecommunications
  16. Abdi Ahmed Hussein – Minister of Agriculture
  17. Khalid Omar Ali – Minister of Sports and Youth
  18. Duale Adan Mohamed – Minister of Culture and Higher Education
  19. Adan Mohamed Nur – Minister of Industry and Commerce
  20. Eng. Nadifo Mohamed Osman – Minister of Public Works and Reconstruction
  21. Khadijo Mohamed Diriye – Minister of Women and Human Rights
  22. Mohamed Olow Barrow – Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources
  23. Daud Mohamed Omar – Minister of Mineral Resources
  24. Salim Aliyow Ibrow – Minister of Environment and Livestock
  25. General Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud – Minister of Health

State Ministers:

  1. Mohamud Moalin Yahya – State Minister of Interior and Federalism
  2. Abdullahi Ahmed Nur – State Minister of Finance
  3. Hamza Mohamed Buri – State Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation
  4. Mohamed Ali Haga – State Minister of Defence
  5. Daud Abdihakim Omar – State Minister of National Security

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