Somalia: Gunmen kill two Schoolgirls in Mogadishu

Published: November 2, 2014
Schoolgirls in Mogadishu/ Getty images
Schoolgirls in Mogadishu/ Getty images

Gunmen riding on a motorbike fired at girls outside a school in Mogadishu on Sunday morning, killing two, witnesses said.

The attack took place in Dharkenly neighbourhood where clan militias have strongholds and checkpoints to collect illegal tax.

It is not yet clear what motivated the killing of the two young girls. Immediately, the gunmen fled away from the area before police arrived to carry out investigations.

District officials and relatives have not yet commented about the death of the schoolgirls who were heading to their school to attend their daily classes.

Such incidents are very rare in the country and no group has yet to claim the responsibility.

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