Somalia and Haiti 'have worst schools in the world'

Published: September 20, 2010

Somali children, such as this boy and girl in a displaced persons camp, are least likely to get an education. Photograph: Mohamed Dahir/AFP/Getty Images

War-torn Somalia and earthquake-wrecked Haiti are two of the worst countries on the planet to be a schoolchild, a study suggests.
Rich countries breaking promises on overseas aid and funnelling money into their own universities should be blamed, say campaigners.
The recession has meant countries cutting back on overseas spending, according to the study, drawn up by Oxfam, Save The Children, VSO, Plan International and Education International, which ranks countries according to access to basic education and the ratio of teachers to pupils.
Somalia comes off worst, followed by Eritrea and Haiti.
The report also accuses some countries – including France and Germany – of using aid budgets to underwrite their own university systems.
Backing calls for stronger action, ex-prime minister Gordon Brown said: ‘If education budgets are not protected, generations will be condemned to poverty.’
Source: Metro

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