SOMALIA: Joint Statement condemning Al-Shabab’s attacks against the people of Mogadishu

Published: August 26, 2010

The United States of America
The African Union Mission in Somalia
The European Union
The InterGovernmental Authority on Development
The League of Arab States
The United Nations Political Office for Somalia

Nairobi, 26 August 2010 – Norway, the United States, the African Union Mission in Somalia, the European Union, the InterGovernmental Authority on Development, the League of Arab States and the United Nations Political Office for Somalia, condemn in the strongest possible terms the ongoing assault against the people of Mogadishu being carried out by extremists. This brutal offensive is being conducted on several fronts. It includes both the illegal blockading of food and humanitarian assistance as well the cold-blooded murder of innocent Somali citizens as witnessed in the attack on the Muna hotel which caused so many civilian deaths. Our condolences go out to those who are suffering across the country and to the families and friends of the victims murdered across Mogadishu.
This offensive, particularly during the Holy month of Ramadan, demonstrates a complete disregard for human life and Somali culture. Of particular concern is the presence of foreign fighters, working in collaboration with Al-Shabab, against ordinary Somalis. They are clearly interested only in causing destruction and misery for the Somali people.
The insurgents will not, however, succeed. The peace process will continue in Somalia despite the attempts of a violent minority to stop it. Norway, the US, AMISOM, the EU, IGAD, LAS and UNPOS pledge our continued support to the Government and the people of Somalia as they work to bring a quick and durable end to the conflict and provide for a more hopeful future.
Susannah Price
Public Information Officer
United Nations Political Office For Somalia (UNPOS)

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