Somalia: Jubba regional administration votes new President

Published: August 15, 2015

Ahmed Madobe, the new elected Jubba Administration President
Ahmed Madobe, the new elected Jubba Administration President

The semi-autonomous region of Jubbaland held Presidential elections on Saturday with four candidates competing for the seat after fulfilling the requirements.
A delegation from the Federal government of Somalia, representatives from the International Community and other dignitaries were present to witness the elections in Kismayo, the capital of the autonomous state.
Ahmed Mohamed Islan (Madobe), who was the leader of the interim administration since its formation in 2013, won overwhelmingly majority of the votes.
His competitors congratulated him and clarified that they were satisfied with how the election process went on and results.
Delivering his speech after sworn-in at the event, President Ahmed Madobe thanked the Parliamentarians of the regional administration for voting him and promised to work on the development and interests of his people.
‘’ We are really pleased with the way the elections has been organized and also the results… We will work closely with the new President,’’ said Somalia’s state minister of Interior Abdirashid Hiddig who was leading the Federal government delegation.
Relations between the Federal government and Jubbaland have been strained for the past few months after the Federal Parliament refused to recognize its Parliament.
Jubba administration was the first federal state to be formed under a permanent government and backed by the country’s provisional constitution in 2013.
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