Somalia: Life goes from bad to worse for Somali Refugees in Yemen

Published: April 8, 2015

Somalia: Life goes from bad to worse for Somali Refugees in YemenSomali refugees in Yemen have angrily protested against the Federal government’s decision to support the Saudi-led military operations against the Houthis rebel.
Hundreds of refugees on Wednesday took to the streets of Sana’a, the capital of Yemen to demonstrate against the move by the government which they said it is not an ‘’appropriate’’ one at this time.
‘’ The government has failed to rescue us from this conflict… This move will have a huge impact on our lives and makes our situation worse,’’ said one of the protesters.
Another protester questioned why the government decided to get involved in the operations against the Iran-backed rebels at this time.
‘’ We are in a miserable condition and worried that we will be attacked by the Houthis who are definitely not happy with that,’’ said another refugee.
On Tuesday, Somalia’s minister of foreign affairs revealed that the government has allowed the airspace, land and territorial waters to be used for launching attacks in Yemen.
More than 100,000 Somali citizens who most of them are refugees are trapped in Yemen violence. While other foreign nationals have been evacuated from the impoverished gulf nation, the federal government has not yet moved to evacuate its citizens despite announcing plans to bring back them home.
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