SOMALIA: Media Director released by Puntland authorities

Published: November 8, 2010

Abdifatah Jama Mire, the director of Horseed Media in Bosaso, was released from prison after 86 days in detention. Abdifatah was imprisoned in August for airing an interview with an Islamist rebel leader in Puntland.
Abdifatah Jama Mire was arrested on 13th of August, for airing an interview of an Islamist rebel leader, despite an appeals judge admitting that the prosecution had no evidence against him.
The government of the semi-autonomous region of Somalia has since banned all interviews with any opposition group.
Mire was condemned to a six-year jail sentence and a 500 dollar fine. His lawyer appealed the ruling, and after it was postponed, it finally came before the Bari regional Court of Appeal on 4 September.
The judge told the prosecution that it did not have enough evidence against the head of the radio station and gave them until three days to present more compelling evidence. So far, they have not done so and  Mire was kept in detention.
On Monday (8th of November), Abdifatah was greeted by journalists, family and friends as he exited the main gate of Bosaso Central Prison.
“…I would like to thank all those who supported me and my family during my detention….” Said Abdifatah adding he was happy to be reunited with his two young sons and wife Sa’adia Mohamed.
Abdifatah reiterated that he did nothing wrong and thanked the President of Puntland for his decision to release him from prison.
“…During my detention I have seen so many young men imprisoned, most of the were never brought to court and they didn’t get the chance to have a fair trail, I am calling for the Puntland government to give these prisoners the chance to go to court….” Says Abdifatah, adding he was treated well in the prison.
Hussein Farah
Horseed Media

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