Somalia: Minister of Information Relaunches Somali Pop Idol in Mogadishu [PICTURES]

Published: May 29, 2014

DSC02718Mustaf Duhulow, the Minister of Information last night re-launched the well known Singing Competition in Mogadishu Heesaha Hirgalay (Somali pop idol). The last time Somalia ran such a program was 1979. The Minister said “Relaunching the Singing Competition will showcase the young people of the city’s talents and will bring forward new singers. And I am sure some of them will become famous Somali singers.”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdirahman Baileh, the Minister of Information, Mustaf Duhulow and the Deputy Ministers of Post & Telecommunications and Information were present at the event as well as well known and well respected Somali singers such as Hibo Nuura, Barrow, Jiir, Sungub and others.

Minister of Information, speaking at the relaunch event said, “Young people came to me and said that they want to become singers but they needed help. I thought, why not give an opportunity for these young people? Why not re-launch the Singing Competition and that is why we are here this evening. I am delighted that we successfully relaunched this important program for our young people. I thank the Communications Department, the management of the National Theatre and the Waaberi Band who made it possible for us to make this really happen.

“The objective of this competition is to provide young people with an opportunity to show off their talents to their full potential and it will enhance the development of the society. This opportunity will also provide young people with an alternative to laying idle or, worse still, being part of a criminal militia group. We believe that this competition will create job opportunitiess for young people.”

The Minister of Information concluded for his remarks by saying, “We will continue this competition and improve it as we go along. Young people are key to the development of the society as they are the future leaders of the society. I strongly encourage young people to take advantage of this opportunity. I have no doubt some of those who participate will become respected and well known in society and, who knows, you could become a Somali icon, which is pride in itself.

“As you are well aware current well known and respected singers such as Mohamed Hassan Barrow, and Hassan Adan Samantar and others took part in the previous Singing Competitions that took place between 1971 to 1979. Now it is your chance to shine and to be a Somali star.”

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