Somalia: Mogadishu Airport left flooding after Heavy Rainfall

Published: May 7, 2014

Somalia: Mogadishu Airport left flooding after Heavy Rainfall

Incessant heavy rains on Tuesday night led to water-logging at Mogadishu Airport in the Somali Capital, affecting many parts of the airport including immigration offices.

The amount of rain water, combined with poor or lack of drainage in the surrounding area and topography of airport led to back flow of water towards the exit and arrival area of the airport.

It’s not clear whether Wednesday flights were halted.

Somalia Immigration Officer Abdullahi Gafow told journalists that several hours of heavy rain left the meeters and greeters area, as well as customs and immigration counters in the arrival hall under several inches of water.

He added that no Infrastructure has been damaged other than passport documents.

A Turkish Company is expected to start re-constructing the airport after the Federal government signed a controversial agreement with the company last year.

Elsewhere, at least two children died in the capital during the heavy rainfall after a building collapsed.

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