Somalia: Mogadishu mayor sacked in Roadblocks row

Published: October 26, 2015

Somalia: Mogadishu mayor sacked in Roadblocks rowSomalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has sacked the mayor of Mogadishu and governor of Benadir region Hassan Mohamed Mungab, after less than two years in office.
Mr Mohamoud appointed Yusuf Hussein Jim’ale, a close ally as the next mayor of the Somali Capital in a decree.
According to multiple sources, Mr Mungab was dismissed following a row with the Minister of Internal Security over the growing number of roadblocks in Mogadishu.
Last week, the former mayor protested against road blockades which he said is disrupting the lives of the ordinary residents and the city’s development.
Since its withdrawal in August 2011, al-Shabab has been using a strategy which is melting into the communities that are believed to be housing them and has seen them carrying out deadly guerrilla attacks in the capital, mainly targeting government officials and buildings.
Government and International aid organisations rely on concrete blast walls and roadblocks to avoid al-Shabaab bombings.
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