Somalia: Mogadishu Women Protest Against al-Shabab Terror Attacks

Published: February 23, 2014

Mogadishu Women Protest Against al-Shabab Terror AttacksHundreds of Women marched through the streets of Mogadishu on Sunday, demonstrating against al-Shabab’s recent terror attacks in the Capital.

The protesters chanted slogans denouncing the al-Qaeda linked group.

The Demonstration was organised by Women organisations across Benadir region in association with the Ministry of Women Affairs and Human Rights. Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh and other government officials attended the protest held in one of the Mogadishu’s districts which was heavily guarded.

The Women were chanting anti-Alshabab slogans as well carrying placards written: ‘’ The Criminal terrorists should leave our Country’’.

‘’ We came out of our houses to show that the terrorists we are no longer in a state of fear and ready to sacrifice our lives for our nation,’’ said one of the protesters.

Mogadishu residents Protest against al-Shabab terror attacks
The Protest was attended by Somali Prime Minister

They also shouted slogans in which they supported and backed the Federal government.

Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh  Ahmed who addressed the protesters said that his Government will eliminate the ‘’terrorist’’ group soon out of the country.

The Protest comes days after al-Shabab carried a deadly attack at the Presidential palace compound. At least 17 people including two senior government officials died.

Al-shabab threatened to continue attacks in Mogadishu and  said it will target Government buildings and Officials.

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