SOMALIA: MP Mahad Salad named as Director of National intelligence (NISA)

Published: May 26, 2022
MP Mahad Salad NISA
MP Mahad Mohamed Salad

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Federal Government of Somalia, has nominated Mahad Mohamed Salad for the post of Director of NISA. He is one of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s closest allies.

Mahad Salad, has been one of the most vocal critics of the organization and its work over the past three years.

Fahad Yassin Dahir, who was ousted in September 2021, has made significant changes to the agency. In a lengthy statement recently posted on the Internet, Fahad Yassin said that every country is as advanced as its intelligence agency.

Fahad Yassin and NISA, have been accused of carrying out activities beyond their legal powers such as assassinations, repression, attacks on regional administrations and more.

Yassin Farey, Fahad’s deputy and interim director of NISA, is now a member of the Somali Federal Parliament.

Mahad Salad’s appointment is expected to be approved by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

The appointment comes as no new Prime Minister or Cabinet has yet been named.

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