Somalia Parliament Approves New Cabinet

Published: August 7, 2022
Xildhibaannada Golaha Shacabka oo ansixiyay Golaha Wasiirada cusub

Members of the People’s Assembly of the Somali Parliament today approved the Cabinet of Ministers formed by Prime Minister Hamse Abdi Barre.

277 MPs were present at the Parliament session, and there was an uproar over the manner in which MPs cast their votes.

The Speaker of the Parliament, Adan Madobe, rejected the request of some of the MPs who wanted the votes to be cast secretly.

The vote for the new ministers was approved by 229 MPs and 7 MPs rejected it.

The Supreme Court has today sworn in the Ministers approved by the Federal Parliament of Somalia.

Prime Minister Barre took more than a month to announce the appointed ministers.

The main challenges that caused the delay in the appointment of the government were the distribution of power among the Somali tribes and also the foreign trips of the President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who is scheduled to go on his 8th trip to Uganda today.

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