Somalia Parliament donates money for evacuation of citizens in Yemen

Published: April 23, 2015

Somalia Parliament donates money for evacuation of citizens in YemenSomalia’s federal Parliament has donated money for the evacuation of Somali citizens stranded in war-torn Yemen.
The move was made during a meeting of the Parliament committees held in Mogadishu on Wednesday chaired by the Parliament speaker who is also currently the acting President.
Deputy speaker of Somali Parliament Mahad Abdalla Awad said that the members of Parliament have decided to donate $300,000 for the evacuation process from their own pockets.
‘’ This money was generated from the MPs salaries and allowances to save our people stuck in the violence,’’ he said.
Mr Awad appealed to the nation to support the evacuation process and offer any kind of assistance.
Though the exact number of Somalis stuck in Yemen is unknown, hundreds of people in Somalia and abroad have expressed concern about loved ones in the middle-eastern country.
Many have criticised the Somalia’s for failing to speed up the evacuation process when much smaller countries with much less stable governments have been able to evacuate their nationals though the government pledged to send a ship to extract citizens.
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