Somalia Parliament session ends in chaos as turmoil deepens

Published: November 24, 2014

baarlamaankaSomalia Parliament session ended in chaos for the third time on Monday as lawmakers were expected to debate on a no-confidence motion against the country’s Prime Minister submitted by the office of the President.

Members of Parliament opposing the motion agreed united against the motion before the session was scheduled to start.

Two sessions held within this month ended in the same way with the Parliament speaker and deputies and deputies walked out after noisy protests.

Parliament Speaker, Mohamed Osman Jawari, earlier threatened to take action against the MPs who are against the motion. But his calls were not taken into consideration by the legislators against the motion, who claim that it’s breaching the country’s constitution.

The political dispute between the President and Prime Minister remains unresolved and the international community has expressed concern over the political turmoil which will significantly undermine the 2016 vision.

The disunity quickly manifested itself in the parliament session, which included walkouts, verbal threats and widespread confusion over the country’s constitution.

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