SOMALIA: Pohjanmaa assisted the pirates released by a South Korean fishing vessel

Published: February 10, 2011

Press release
On 10 February, the EUNAVFOR warship FNS POHJANMAA secured and assisted the fishing vessel GOLDEN WAVE after a request to assist from the South Korean government. The vessel was attacked on 9 October 2010 and had been in the hands of pirates for 123 days.
FNS POHJANMAA arrived on scene early on Thursday morning and found the original crew of 43 persons on board. FNS POHJANMAA’s boarding team searched and secured the vessel, in order to make sure that no pirates were present.
After securing the vessel, the FNS POHJANMAA provided medical aid and basic necessities to the crew as they had been left without water or food. POHJANMAA’S doctor examined the crew and found that no one was seriously injured.
The ship was in poor condition after its long captivity so the Finnish crew provided technical support to the ship. After this work was complete, the GOLDEN WAVE was reported seaworthy and able to sail its next destination.
The crew of the GOLDEN WAVE was happy to be released and grateful for the assistance and aid POHJANMAA provided.

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