Somalia Police arrest ‘foreign fighters’ en route to Al Shabaab

Published: March 11, 2015

Somalia Police arrest ‘foreign fighters’ en route to Al ShabaabSomali police have arrested four foreign fighters suspected of ties to Somalia’s Al-Qeada linked al-Shabaab insurgents, officials said on Wednesday.
According to a Police commander in the town of Dhobley, which is close to the Kenya-Somalia border, the four of them are Kenya and Tanzania citizens.
‘’ They were heading to Al Shabaab bases in this region when we stopped them…. They are under investigations now,’’ said Col. Haibe Ahmed Abdullahi, the commander based in Dhobley.
He added that two other Somali nationals were arrested alongside with them, who are thought to be their escorts.
In the past, several foreigners including Westerners were arrested in the same point on suspicion of ties to the militant group, with Kenya seen as a major transit point into the war-torn Horn of Africa nation.
Elsewhere, Al Shabaab attacked Wanlaweyn district in the Lower Shabelle region on the early morning hours of Wednesday. After few hours, the militants abandoned the town for unknown destination.
” They killed two people including a soldier and stole two cars, one of them owned by the local mayor,” said a local resident.
On Tuesday, unidentified drones striked Al Shabaab hideouts in the region. The number of casualties is still yet unclear.
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