SOMALIA: Police conduct security operations in Galkacyo town

Published: May 12, 2011

Today, the police in Galkacyo town the provincial capital of Mudug region conducted security operations, after the killing of a well known cleric last night.
On Wednesday evening, armed assailants shot dead a well known cleric as he left a mosque in the district of Israac, it is the seventh such attack in the city in weeks.
Lately, Galkacyo city became the scene of assassinations and attacks on mosques, the Puntland administration blamed the attacks on what they called extremists  allied with Al Shabaab group.
Galkacyo town in central Somalia is the second largest city in Puntland State of Somalia,  it is also partially controlled by the small administration of Galmudug, which is based in southern parts of the town.
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