Somalia’s President Hassan meets with parents of Somali army recruits sent to Eritrea

Published: July 14, 2022
President Hassan meets with parents of controversial army

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has held a briefing with some of the parents of the Somali soldiers undergoing training in Eritrea.

The president shared with the parents the general condition of the soldiers, their safety and the progress of the training.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud reaffirmed the parents’ commitment to fulfilling their promise to reunite their children and bring the soldiers back to the country to fulfill their national duty.

I brought the joy of Eid, closely observing their condition. As a parent, I have advised the boys, and I am working to get them to contact you. Challenges have also been resolved and I hope they call you soon. ”

The parents of the Somali soldiers who met with the President thanked him for giving priority to the situation of their children and for the urgency with which he addressed their concerns and expressed their satisfaction with the information he shared.

Reports indicate that about 5,000 cadets were taken to Eritrea for military training three years ago. However, their stay in Eritrea had become a bone of contention for former government of President Farmaajo when politicians, especially the opposition, said that parents were lamenting that their sons were missing.

The parents staged protests in Mogadishu saying Somalia’s federal government recruited their sons for jobs in Qatar, only for them to surface in Eritrea, where they were sent for military training against their will.

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