SOMALIA: President Sheikh Sharif condemns Al Shabab suicide attack on Hotel Muna

Published: August 24, 2010

On Tuesday, Somali President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed condemned the suicide bombing at hotel Muna in Mogadishu that killed at least 33 people including Somali MPs.
“…We condemn this heinous attack, the terrorists are committing such crimes in the holy month of Ramadan….,” said President Sharif in his radio address.
“We need the people to unite to face this challenge,… Al Shabab terrorists are working for foreigners, who want to continue to destabilize our country….” Said President Sharif Ahmed.
Today, Al shabaab militants attacked hotel Muna, near the Presidential palace, in the Somali capital –popular with MP’s and government ministers.
The assault that began on 11:15am lasted almost half an hour, with fighters wearing military uniform opening fire inside the hotel and later staging suicide bombing.
At least 33 people have been killed, including six MP’s. More than 40 people were wounded.
Later, Al Shabab spokesman Ali Dhere, claimed the attack via teleconference, saying forces loyal to Al Shabab carried out the attack on the hotel used by the Somali MP’s.
“…our commando forces carried out an attack on a hotel popular with so called MP’s, many of them have been killed….”said Ali Dhere, Al Shabaab Spokeman.
“…there were three men wearing the new Somali military uniform, they first started to open fire and then there was a big explosion…” says one of the eyewitnesses.
“… it is a massacre the blood is everywhere, some MP’s were killed, at the moment I can’t tell you by names, but MP’s were killed…” MP Saleban Mohamed Ibrahim told Horseed Media.
Saynab Qayad the head of Human rights commision of the Somali Parlaiment, one of the rescued MP’s, told Horseed Media, that she saw 6 dead MP’s.
Earlier, Somali security forces said that they seized one gunman alive.
This attack comes as more heavy clashes continue in different parts of the Somali capital, today.
The fighting began on Monday, after the spokesman of Al Shabaab, announced that his group was launching full scale attack on the government and the African union peacekeepers AMISOM positions in Mogadishu.
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