Somalia: President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed laid the foundation for a new army base

Published: September 15, 2011

The President of the Republic of Somalia H.E.Sharif Sh. Ahmed laid the foundation for a new army barracks to be constructed at Jazeera, southof Mogadishu.
The new barracks will be used as a base to train the Somali National Army. Thebase will house up to two thousand army personnel.The project will take six months to complete with the cost of 3.2million dollars; this is aTFG/AU initiative although EU is contributing the funds for the construction.
The President also visited an existing training base in Jazeera, after receiving a demonstrationfrom the army cadets the President addressed hundreds of new army recruits. President Sharifspoke of his joy about the prospect of having a well trained, well discipline Somali NationalAmry.
President Sharif also informed the new recruits that wearing an army uniform does makeyou a soldier but rather to attain all the attributes that is needed to be a good soldier.The President emphasized the importance of having an army that is loyal only to the state thatprotects its citizen especially at a time when there is a clear enemy of the Somali nation.The President has made a clear that re-building the Somali National Army is top priority as partof his government policy to bring peace and security throughout Somalia.

Source: TFG

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