Somalia: Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh lays foundation stone for Aviation Training Academy

Published: April 23, 2014

Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia His Excellency Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, accompanied by the Minister of Air and Land Transport and his deputy, the Minister of Finance, the Turkish Ambassador and the General Manager of Aden Adde International Airport, laid the foundation stone for the building of the Aviation Training Academy at Aden Adde International Airport.

The Prime Minister also visited the site of a new terminal under construction at Aden Adde Airport, which is a project that is being funded by Favori Company.

Said Qorshel, the Minister of Air and Land Transport, spoke first about the modern terminal’s importance for the Somali public.

“This new terminal will eliminate much of the chaos that is currently present in different parts of the airport and will facilitate proper operations at the airport. According to the company that is building the terminal, construction will take six months, ” Minister Qorshel said, adding that part of his ministry’s plan is establish other airports on the outskirts of the city to ease congestion at Aden Adde Airport, which will then be used by large planes only.

On his part, the Prime Minister thanked the Turkish government for its continuous support of the country’s reconstruction and described this project as one that will take part in strengthening the country’s institutions.

“The Aviation Training Academy is an institution that will increase the capacity of the staff that work in Somalia’s airports, and will eliminate the need to seek training outside the country. I am deeply thankful to the Turkish government. It has been a strong ally of the Somali people and has played a major role in rebuilding the country’s infrastructure,” said Prime Minister Ahmed.

In recent times, the Turkish government has undertaken large construction projects in Mogadishu to improve the city’s infrastructure and restore its glory. It has done extensive repairs on the key roads of the capital to ease traffic.

Source: PM: Office

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