Somalia: Prime Minister Presents Work Plan to Parliament

Published: May 3, 2014


Prime Minister of Somalia Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, today (Saturday) presented the government’s Work Plan for 2014 to Parliament. The Work Plan focuses on strengthening on-going security operations, establishing inclusive political processes, launching justice reform, laying foundations for economic recovery, enhancing social services delivery, mobilizing domestic revenue, and building capacity of government institutions.

The Work Plan has been developed in line with the New Deal Compact and the Peace and Stabilisation Goals and by taking into consideration its importance to realize Vision 2016, achievable in the time-frame and within the capacity of the government.

Addressing Parliament Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, said:

“The recent progress in liberating many places from Al-Shabaab allows the Somali people to see a new hope for peace and development across Somalia.

“My government will work to establish an inclusive political processes, strengthening the peace and security of the nation, judiciary reform and review of our national foreign policy. My government will be accountable to the people of Somalia on the Plan I am presenting today and will work tirelessly to achieve these targets.

“The implementation of the federal system, regional administrations and review of the provisional constitutional will be among the top agendas of the government. The implementation of the federal system is key in our desire to be close to the people and also to restore and safeguard the unity of our people.

“Regulation on private companies will be reviewed to create the space for business creation and production. We are committed to creating an environment that attracts businesses and encourages free trade. The government will work with Somalia’s export industry to help speed up economic recovery and job creation. We believe that the promotion of decent jobs is the vehicle towards eradicating extreme and pervasive poverty, ensuring food security, restoring stability, reducing inequalities and social exclusion.

“Our infrastructure has been devastated by the protracted war lasting more than two decades. We need to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure including the energy, water, roads, airports and seaports and the services of the cities.

“The capacity of revenue collection will be improved by creating and implementing transparent and accountable structures. Regulations on revenue raising and collection will be reviewed as well as putting in place anti-corruption institutions.

“Delivering social services to the citizens will be a core agenda of my government in this year. We will open schools and hospitals while continuing to secure and stabilise Somalia. The rights of workers, women and vulnerable people will be safeguarded. We will encourage the youth by giving them opportunities. Sports centres will be created as we believe sport can be a key weapon in the fight against extremism.

“Lastly, my government will improve the capacity of the governmental institutions by rehabilitating the buildings of the ministries. Regulations on governmental institutions will be reviewed and updated.”

The Prime Minister praised the work of Parliament at this critical time and encouraged them to expedite the process of passing key legislation that will ensure the delivery of the government’s agenda. He also reiterated the government’s commitment to closely work with Parliament.

Source: PM Office

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