Somalia: Puntland Military Court Sentences two Soldiers to death for murder

Published: March 5, 2014
Somalia: Puntland Court sentences death to two Soldiers for murder cases
The Sentenced Soldiers

Puntland Military court on Wednesday sentenced to death penalty to two Soldiers who were accused of murdering cases, Officials confirm.

The Military court Chief, Abdifatah Haji Adan told reporters that both Soldiers were found guilty for the murder cases.

The two soldiers, Mohamud Muse Farah was accused of killing late Abshir Ahmed Muse while Sharmarke Ali was found guilty of murdering late Yusuf Salad Salim.

Both killings were carried out last year, as confirmed by the Military court chief.

A third Soldier, Abshir Ahmed Yasin, was sentenced to serve ten years of jail for alleged robbery, while the court released another soldier who was not found guilty.

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