Somalia: Puntland Forces arrest 20 al-Shabab suspects, Recover Explosives

Published: March 31, 2014
Somalia: Puntland Forces arrest 20 al-Shabab suspects, Recover Explosives
Puntland Security Minister

Puntland Security forces have arrested 20 suspects linked to the Somali militant group and seized an array of improvised explosive devices in the past 48-hours, An Official has Confirmed on Monday.

The Security forces carried massive operations in the towns of Bosaso, Garowe and Galkacyo.

In a Press Conference, Puntland Security Minister Hassan Osman Alore said that the suspects are under interrogation and underlined that the forces have widened the mode of operations for the suspected al-Shabab terrorists that are expected to flee in to the region, after coming under pressure from the AU and Somali troops in Southern Somalia.

‘’These are al-Shabab items obviously. We foiled their mission as they were on course to carryout terror attacks,’’ he said, while presenting the explosives to the Journalists.

The minister lauded the commitment and the efforts of the residents, saying their collaboration was invaluable to the operations.

He called on the residents to continue giving information to the authorities in order to ensure peace and tranquility reigned in the region.

The seizure comes as the semi-autonomous region’s security forces have been on high alert over an imminent terror attacks from the al-Qaeda-linked group, who have lost 10 key towns in the past three weeks.

Two weeks ago, the group claimed the killing of Puntland Commander of forces stationed in Galgala mountain ranges Col Jama Afgudud, who was killed in a highway ambush.

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