Somalia: Puntland forces capture al-Shabaab militants following checkpoint attack

Published: February 8, 2015

Puntland Police chief addressing the media
Puntland Police chief addressing the media

A group of al-Shabaab militants attacked an army post in Puntland’s commercial hub town of Bosaso, sparking a shootout that left several insurgents and soldiers killed, Horseed Media reports.
According to residents, a three-hour gunfight resulted when the heavily armed militants attacked the check post on Saturday evening.
A Policeman and two militants were killed, while fours soldiers were wounded, the Police officials said.
Puntland Police Chief Mohamed Said Jaqanaf told reporters on Sunday in the port town that the forces captured the militants alive following repulsion from the security forces.
‘’ They used four cars for the attack and separated themselves, there was another group who were’ reinforcement’ but our forces battled them very well….. We are determined to fight against those enemies who are a threat to our stability,’’ he said.
Meanwhile, Police officials accused the neighbouring breakaway region of Somaliland of supporting the al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group for waging attacks in the stable region. In the latest attack, Somaliland currency was found from one of the militant’s pockets and displayed to the media.
In recent years, the al-Shabaab militants have carried out a number of high-profile assaults cities in the semi-autonomous regions of Puntland.
Last year, Puntland forces recaptured the main base of the militants in the Galgala mountain ranges following years of deadly battles.
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