Somalia: Puntland Government Denounces Unilateral Term-Extension of TFG Parliament

Published: February 7, 2011

Puntland State of Somalia

The Puntland Council of Ministers, in an extra-ordinary meeting on 5 February, 2011, has unequivocally rejected the confusing term-extension of the Parliament of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia, which was hastily extended for three-years on 4 February, 2011.
After a long debate and deliberations, the Council of Ministers has reached the following decisions:

  1. Considering the critical difficulties Somalia is presently undergoing, Somalia does not need a term-extension that exacerbates the complex situation, which does not serve the interests of the Somali people;
  2. This new term-extension diverts the attention of the Somali people from the preparations for the procedure of a smooth transition;
  3. The Puntland Government will not accept any decision adopted by the TFG Parliament.

Therefore, the Puntland Government condemns and opposes the unreasonable term-extension by the TFG Parliament, which leads to a new political disorder in Somalia.
In the same meeting, the Council of Ministers discussed the Draft Federal Constitution being prepared for the Federal Republic of Somalia and has decided the following:

  1. In principle, the Puntland Government supports the completion of a Federal Constitution for Somalia, and the President of Puntland previously launched in Garowe the Draft Federal Constitution in mid-2010;
  2. The Council has recognized that the core of the Draft Federal Constitution is not one that clearly spells out the Federal System that the Puntland Government has pioneered in Somalia since 1998.

However, the Puntland Government is committed to fully work with and put forward its position and advice to the Interim Federal Constitutional Committee (IFCC) regarding the Draft Federal Constitution.

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