SOMALIA: Puntland Governor Sets an Excellent Example

Published: December 28, 2010

Bosaso, Puntland—Sheikh Abdihafid Ali Yusuf, the governor of Puntland’s Bari region of which the port-town , Bosaso, is the capital, apologised to the traditional leaders of Digil iyo Mirifle community in a meeting held in Bosaso on Sunday. The governor said he regretted to have labelled Digil iyo Mirfle community members in the city elements behind the recent spate of violence in Bosaso. “ Any person with responsibility can make mistake, we are not angles. Please don’t interpret my words as a prelude to singling out one clan for persecution,” Horseed Media quoted the governor as saying.
Digil iyo Mirifle traditional leaders in Bosaso accepted the governor’s apology. Bosaso is a home to a large number of internally displaced Somalis (IDPs) from south and south-central Somalia and has benefited a lot from the multi-cultural skills of people who were displaced by the war in southern Somalia. The governor asked for the Digil iyo Mirifle community in Bosaso to work with his administration on security.
Governor Sheikh Abdihafid Ali ought to consider recruiting IDPs in Bosaso for security jobs whenever a need to recruit security forces staff arises. By recruiting members from IDPs as security force, and as teachers on the basis of their competence and commitment, Puntland will set another excellent example pioneered by the governor of Bari region.
Liban Ahmad

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