Somalia: Puntland leader Calls AMISOM to help his Administration Secure borders ahead of anti- al Shabab Offensive

Published: March 6, 2014

gaas_gSomalia’s semi-autonomous region President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali has once again voiced Concerns about the impacts of the new anti- al Shabab Offensive on the Security of the stable region.

In an interview with Reuters news agency, he called the African Union mission (AMISOM) to assist his administration on securing its borders with the Southern regions of the country, fears of militants to flee into the region.

‘’It is obvious that some (al Shabaab) will seek refuge in the very difficult terrain in Puntland, particularly the Galgala mountains,” he was quoted.

Mr Ali said that his government has not been consulted with the new military offensive which the Somali government troops will be backed by AMISOM, adding that foreign aid received by the Federal government has not been equally distributed to the region.

Last month, Puntland officials announced that they will heighten the security of the region ahead of the anti-al Shabab Operations, which was revealed by the Federal Government Senior officials in January.

Since 2012, when al-Shabab lost key towns in Southern and Central Somalia, the fighters have been reportedly flowing in to Galgala mountain ranges as a safe haven.

Al-Shabab which is linked to Al-Qaeda is believed to have carried out assassinations and bomb attacks in Puntland in the past few years in which they targeted government officials, clerics, activists and local elders.

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