SOMALIA: Puntland president faces political crisis during trip to UAE

Published: July 6, 2022

Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni, who has been unsuccessful in his three-year campaign for the presidency of the Federal Republic of Somalia, has suffered another setback in the Puntland Parliament, which has refused to approve Deni’s Supreme Court-appointed Judiciary Committee.

Minister of Security and Commanders of the Armed Forces grilled in Parliament over the attack on PSF Bosaso Compound in December 2021.

The Puntland parliament also questioned some of Deni’s cabinet ministers, who have been widely criticized for their role in the conflict in Bosaso at the end of last year.

The Ministers of Security, Interior and Justice faced tough questions from members of the Puntland House of Representatives.

The lawmakers also raised serious questions about the financial management of the agreement between Puntland and DP World, which operates the port of Bosaso.

Puntland President Deni left for the UAE on Monday, hours after parliament failed to vote on his appointed Judiciary Committee, and Deni re-appointed the members, rejecting the parliament’s decision.

It is not known how long Deni’s trip to Dubai will take, but it is clear that the Puntland leader is facing political tensions with less than 17 months left of his term in office.

Hanad Askar
Horseed Media

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