Somalia: al-Shabab kills Puntland Senior military Commander in highway ambush

Published: March 17, 2014
Somalia: Puntland Senior Military Official killed in a Bomb Attack
Late Col Jama Warsame

A Senior Military Commander of the Puntland military forces has been killed in ambush attack carried by Somali militant group on Monday evening, reports confirm.

The attack took place in Yalho village, which is some 40-km South of Puntland’s main commercial hub city of Bosaso as he was travelling on an armored vehicle.

Col Jama Said Warsame, who was the Puntland forces Commander stationed in Galgala mountain ranges area, was later on rushed to the Bosaso main hospital where he later died of serious injuries sustained from the attack.

al-Shabab Spokesman, Ali Mohamud Rageh claimed the responsibility of the attack and said that late Warsame ”targeted” and ”fought” with the militants in Galgala hideouts.

At least three of his bodyguards were also injured in the attack.

On Monday, Puntland military court sentenced eight alleged al-Shabab members each to 20 years of prison.

Puntland forces have been fighting with the al-Shabab insurgents in Galgala Mountains who have carried out attacks and assassinations in the region.

Last week, the US government authorised a $3 million reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of three al-Shabab militants whom one of them is Yasin Kilwe, the head or Emir of the group in Galgala mountain ranges, a move which was welcomed by the Puntland government.

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