Somalia: Puntland strongly condemns the attack of Galmudug militia against Civilians in Galkayo

Published: November 22, 2015

On Sunday, The Government of Puntland stronly condemns the UN-provoked attack and aggression of militia groups Hailing from Galmudug Interim administration against civilians in North Galkayo.

Approximately 8:30 am this morning, militia groups from Gal-Mudug attacked civilian workers without provocation or warning with heavy machine gun fire, followed by organized artillery and mortar fire directed at civilian neighborhoods in Northern Galkayo. These laborers were carrying out regular routine works at a road junction around the neighborhoods of Garsoor and Barahleey as they have done before in many times.
This un-provoked attack has resulted in a number of civilian deaths and injuries including children.
We have repeatedly expressed and warned about the dangerous consequences of the continued mobilization and armament of militia groups in Southern Galkayo and central Somalia.
The Government of Puntland condemns the actions of the militia groups from Galmudug Interim Administration and makes it clear in the strongest terms its intention to safeguard the security of its citizenry.
The Government of Puntland remains committed to the stability, peace and security of the region.
Source: Puntland Government Office of the President

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